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Shelsey Jarvis

Country singer/songwriter from New Brunswick, Canada

Get the new album, "E V O L U T I O N" via instant download now

Hey, I'm Shelsey, and I write songs.

I've been singing as long as I remember, and at some point I picked up a guitar and started writing songs.

My first full-length album, "Evolution" is now OUT and I am so proud to offer it up to you.

To whet your appetite, get the free download of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (and I just might throw in a few other covers because that's how I roll). Get it by hitting that big red button up there. 

Or, you can go ahead and buy the album, and get 3 free bonus songs that will NOT be available on the iTunes version ;)

Scroll back up and hit the "Download it Now" button to get it.

And let's keep in touch!